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8 September 2016 Comments Off on Kirsty Devaney: ‘Fanfare for Gosport’ Premiere Views: 1095 Composers

Kirsty Devaney: ‘Fanfare for Gosport’ Premiere

Rehearsals are underway for Kirsty Devaney‘s Fanfare for Gosportcommissioned by New Dimensions – a Hampshire-wide music initiative lead by Anvil Arts and Turner Sims. The new piece will be premiered by the Gosport Solent Brass on Sunday 11th September at 12.00 at the Royal Clarence Yard, Gosport, in a free event, part of Gosport Heritage Open Days. Find more details here.


Fanfare for Gosport acknowledges and celebrates the heritage and people of Gosport, and each movement of the piece reflects an aspect of Gosport. The first movement, ‘Metal and Salt’, takes inspiration from the rich history of Gosport as a naval town. The movement tries to capture the claustrophobic atmosphere and sounds of a submarine as it is slowly dives deeper and deeper. The second movement, ‘Looking Out Looking Back’, focuses on the stories of those from Gosport. The final movement takes the idea of a fanfare and is more forward looking.

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