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15 May 2019 Comments Off on Kevin Malone’s ‘A Day in the Life’ Views: 770 CE News

Kevin Malone’s ‘A Day in the Life’

There is one more date left for Kevin Malone’s 75-minute musical event “A Day in the Life”: 25 May at 7:30pm in Bradford Cathedral. 

Three new works were premiered on 3 May, and the Orchestra of Opera North are wrapping up their tour on 25 May.  The event is supported through Arts Council England, RVW Trust, Ida Carroll Trust and ONO.

Kevin Malone in rehearsal with Robert Guy and Andy Long

 The Orchestra, with its Associate Leader Andy Long as soloist and conductor Robert Guy, perform a new violin concerto called A Day in the Life about an 18th Century indentured child textile mill worker called Robert Blincoe.  Blincoe’s 24-hour day is compressed to a continuous 24-minute concerto, detailing the gruelling conditions he endured, and the outlets for hope he created for himself.  Blincoe’s memoirs, published in his lifetime, served as the inspiration for Dicken’s “Oliver Twist”.  

The programme includes another new work for orchestra, A Peterloo Parade, an 11-minute work which celebrates the good-natured, joyful gathering of over 70,000 textile mill workers at St Peter’s Square, Manchester in August 1819 before the city council ordered the military to massacre dozens and injure hundreds of the people.  The music includes tunes known to have been performed an sung before the massacre, and mashes them up with rallies the composer has attended in the USA and UK in the past two years.  Whenever people come together for the betterment of society, music is always present!

The final piece in the programme is My Mill Life – an 18-minute electroacoustic work composed from Malone’s interviews with 13 textile workers in West Yorkshire set against multitrack violin recordings performed by Andy Long.   

Malone introduces each work, and the final performance will be attended by John Waller, author of “The Real Oliver Twist” – the book which served as the primary source of information about Robert Blincoe.  

Published reviews have highly praised the musical event and its works, citing:

A Day in the Life, violin concerto – “Powerful contrasts, from the mechanistic rhythms of the machines to folk-song melody to the spiky tension of the child labourer’s reactions. The Orchestra of Opera North under Robert Guy, with Andy Long a supple violin soloist, brings out the edgy harshness of the sound-world of the mill. A mighty hymn tune, Halifax, intoned against a swirl of contrasting motifs, has a fine, rather Britten-ish effect and at the end there is lyricism among the harshness as the boy sleeps and dreams.”

My Mill Life – Malone’s own captivating compilation of recorded memories spanning 85 years and spliced with Andy Long’s melancholy solo violin. A housewife wistfully recalls hanging out the washing every Monday only for the whites to be specked with soot from the forest of chimneys: “That was our life”, she tells us.

A Peterloo Parade, Malone’s 10-minute boisterous orchestral celebration of the at-first peaceful protest at Manchester’s St Peter’s Square, on 16th August 1819. A thought provoking, informative and entertaining production.”

Composers Edition is proud to publish Kevin Malone’s music scores. The works featured in this musical event – A Day in the Life, A Peterloo Parade and My Mill Life – will be available for purchase through our website in a few weeks time after the concert.

Saturday 25 May 2019, 7:30pm
A Day in the Life: an Orchestral Celebration of Textiles, Mills and West Yorks
Bradford Cathedral, West Yorkshire
Tickets and info: [email protected] (or button below)

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