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Kevin Malone
Kevin Malone

31 May 2017 Comments Off on Kevin Malone joins Composers Edition Views: 1120 CE News

Kevin Malone joins Composers Edition

We are delighted to announce that the Anglo-American composer Kevin Malone has joined Composers Edition. Catalogue initially includes a total of nine compositions from Lilith for solo piano, to Count Me In for pianist and compact disc player to Requiem77  for cello / saxophone and air traffic controllers.

Described by The Independent as “witty, with a rare ability to communicate quite complicated processes with clarity”, the work of Kevin Malone spans genres and media beyond conventional labeling. His music has a clear attractive surface brimming with sophisticated character, expressivity and design. Equally at home with electronics, multimedia and installations to harpsichords, choirs and orchestras, he embraces postmodernist and hybrid approaches, often exploring social concerns and global events.

“I often embed the performer’s physical presence as part of the music, and so my music can be overtly theatrical,” argues Malone. “Some works call for crawling under the piano, or closing the keyboard lid while playing, or even putting a sheer stocking over the head while playing cymbals. My composer-performer-audience contract always strives for a “clean, clear and memorable” surface, yet follows Beethoven’s advice to always have many surprises throughout.”

Upcoming performances include his latest work, “Standing Rock” premiered by the Ebonit Saxophone Quartet of Amsterdam on 16 November at the New Music North West Festival in Manchester..  The international-award winning ensemble will be using dismantled parts of saxophones as well as the standard SATB line-up.  Another piece, a highly-ecstatic love song, To Alys, for mixed ensemble will be premiered on 22 October in Manchester by John Turner and Friends, followed by Kevin’s visit to Kiev for the premiere of a collection of feminist piano music Unsung HerStories with pianist Diana Lopszyc.

Malone’s concert music – e.g. Opus opera, Count Me In, The Radio Song, Three Ancient Nightclubs – often embraces theatricality. A Clockwork Operetta, a cabaret commissioned by the International Anthony Burgess Foundation, sets the discarded pop lyrics from Burgess’ unused film script of A Clockwork Orange. Unsung Herstories attacks women’s social and political inequalities by having the solo pianist restrained as she attempts to play outspoken passages. Malone has composed seven works about the events of 9/11, music for the feature films To Kill a Killer and Lockout, and Manchester International Festival’s 2007 film The Assembly for which he also created the 5.1 sound design. He also devises sound installations for art galleries, museums and cathedrals.

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