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27 September 2021 Comments Off on Kevin Malone 9/11 Commemoration Performances and Recording Released Views: 150 CE News

Kevin Malone 9/11 Commemoration Performances and Recording Released

And looking forward, the composer starts a collaboration with pianist Lana Bode on a collection of pieces called HerStories Unsung

Kevin Malone & Adam Swayne recording

A subject which Malone has explored and reflected on extensively, the 20th anniversary of the 11 September 2001 attacks was a hugely important moment for the composer. The commemoration was marked on both sides of the Atlantic with performances and broadcasts of four works he composed on the subject and a record release on Coviello label.

Pianist and long-time interpreter of Malone’s music Adam Swayne released an album of works including Malone’s Sudden Memorials alongside works by Karen Walwyn, Henry Cowell, David Del Tredici and Scott Joplin which BBC Radio 3’s Andrew McGregor described as “impressively realised and hauntingly effective”. He also performed the works from the album in a special concert at London’s Wigmore Hall. Malone talked with BBC Radio Manchester’s Simone Riley, while in the US pianist Marily Nonken gave the US premiere of Sudden Memorials at New York University and cellist Peter Meyers gave a performance of Requiem 77 for cello and air traffic controllers as part of San Francisco’s commemorations at Old St. Mary’s Cathedral.

The Kosovo Philharmonic recorded both Angels and Fireflies and Eighteen Minutes with conductor Gregory Charette and flautist Susanne Peters on 11 September for streaming.

A few days before the 9/11 20th anniversary commemorations, Fran Wilson posted her CrossEyedPianist interview with Kevin about his insight into composing and the social roles of composers.

“I would say my music is 20% music for music’s sake, and 80% music for listener’s emotional and psychological enlivenment”

Looking forward, in October, Malone starts a collaboration with pianist Lana Bode of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama on a collection of pieces called HerStories Unsung, Vol. 2 for young pianists. It will aim at revealing untold stories about women’s achievements. This will result in a CD of both Vols.1 & 2, videos of dramatic gestures in the music and publication of Volume 2 with Composers Edition along with Volume 1.

Composers Edition is proud to present the scores of Sudden Memorials, Angels and Fireflies, Eighteen Minutes, and the HerStories Unsung Volume 1. And we look forward to adding HerStories Unsung Volume 2 to this catalogue.

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