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15 November 2016 Comments Off on Katharina Olivia Brand to perform “further” by Bernd Asmus Views: 1609 Composers

Katharina Olivia Brand to perform “further” by Bernd Asmus

‘further’ – a new work by Bernd Asmus, will be performed on Tuesday, 15th November, 7:30 pm at the  ‘Kulturzentrum bei den Minoritaeten’, Graz, Austria by the German pianist Katharina Olivia Brand. She will be playing a full concert with new works by Markus Roth, Florian Gessler, Peter Lackner, Bernd Asmus and Bernhard Lang in a concert recorded by the ORF.
Bernd Asmus comments on his new work: “Contemporary composers show a growing interest in writing for historical instruments, due to the wish of performers to broaden their repertoire. My new work ‘further’, written for the performer Katharina Olivia Brand and her fortepiano, conjures up performance techniques of the 17/18th century which have found their way deep into the notation itself. The performer enjoys a degree of ‘inegalité’ that was most probably in use during the height of this wonderful instrument, which is by no means a ‘defective’ predecessor of the modern piano, but a perfect instrument on its own.”
Find out more information about the performance on this link. The piece will be soon available through Composers Edition.

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