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25 May 2022 Comments Off on Joshua Peckins Performs Odaline de la Martinez ‘Improvisations’ Views: 86 CE News

Joshua Peckins Performs Odaline de la Martinez ‘Improvisations’

Odaline de la Martinez © Malcolm Crowther

June brings one more chance to hear Odaline de la Martinez’s Improvisations for solo violin performed by award-winning violinist Joshua Peckins, now in the grand opening performance of a new concert series at the Atwood Museum in Chatham, Massachusetts, US.

Thursday 2 June, 7:30pm
Violin and Piano Duo Recital
Joshua Peckins, violin
Eliko Akahori, piano
Atwood MuseumChatham, MA, US

Improvisations for solo violin is proudly available for perusal and purchase through Composers Edition website, as well as other works by Odaline de la Martinez.

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