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19 October 2016 Comments Off on John Palmer: upcoming world premieres Views: 1264 Composers

John Palmer: upcoming world premieres

It is busy autumn ahead for John Palmer as his three new compositions will receive their world premieres in the coming weeks: alba will be performed by the Modern Art Ensemble on 25th October at the Unerhörte Musik weekly concert series at BKA in Berlin, Germany.

Meanwhile, blurring definitions will have its premiere on 6th November at the ORF Radio Concert Hall (ORF is the Austrian equivalent of the BBC) in Dorbirn, Austria at 11am. It will be performed by Ensemble Plus at the Festival Texte & Töne 2016.


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And finally, woanders will see its world premiere at the Arena Festival 2016 in Riga, Latvia, by  Heloise Ph. Palmer (piano) and Kaspars Kalnin (electronics). In this concert, Heloïse will also perform two pieces by Vic Hoyland, published by CE. See more on the programme herewoanders will be shortly available on Composers Edition.


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