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29 November 2019 Comments Off on John Palmer ‘Shambhala’ for piano in Oxfordshire with Késia Decoté Views: 564 CE News

John Palmer ‘Shambhala’ for piano in Oxfordshire with Késia Decoté

On Sunday 22 December pianist Késia Decoté performs John Palmer’s Shambhala for solo piano in an intimate piano recital in the The Abbey Sutton Courtenay in Oxfordshire.

This concert is titled Light, Leve, Luz, suggesting a reflection about the word ‘light’ in its varied meanings when applied to music. This programme is presented to honour the Winter Solstice.

The title of John Palmer’s work, Shambhala, is the name of the pure land in Tibetan Buddhism.

John Palmer
John Palmer

Although there are many literary references describing it as a physical place situated in central Asia, the Tibetan myth of Shambhala refers to an imaginary place of peace and happiness dwelt by enlightened people.

John Palmer

In Késia Decoté’s Light, Leve, Luz concert, Shambhala is part of the section of the programme which reflects on the word light referring to a state of being.

Shambhala is proudly available through Composers Edition, as well as other works by John Palmer.

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