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22 March 2017 Comments Off on John Palmer – Rhythm to go (fourth edition) out now! Views: 2041 Composers

John Palmer – Rhythm to go (fourth edition) out now!

John Palmer’s Mémoires (for electroacoustic sounds ), the first prize winner of the 2011 Presque Rien International Composition Prize in Paris, has just been released on a CD by the eponymous label, including the prize winners of the latest three editions of this international prize inspired by the work of Luc Ferrari.

Fourth edition of Rhythm to go, John’s manual of rhythm for professional musicians and music students, is out now on Vision Edition and distributed by CE Books. Ideal for ear-training classes and for personal practice, it has been used very successfully in several music universities and conservatories of music worldwide.

This fourth edition includes improvements of graphics and notation throughout the book, the inclusion of a chart of comparing rhythmic notation and a substantial extension of Chapter 5 including nine newly designed sets of exercises for contemporary music based on rhythmic and metric models used by major composers of the 20th century such as Babbitt, Barrett, Bartók, Bartolozzi, Birtwistle, Blacher, Boulez, Cage, Carter, Copland, Feldman, Ferneyhough, Hallfter, Harvey, Ives, Ligeti, Lutoslawski, Maderna, Maxwell-Davies, Messiaen, Ravel, Stockhausen, Stravinsky and Varése. Two new sets of exercises have been specifically designed for serial rhythms, while two other sets deal with irregular subdivisions. Finally, two more sets of exercises include irregular rhythms over bar lines.

Another major improvement of this fourth edition is the availability of selected audio files of the exercises of chapters 1 to 4. The soundfiles are available from the publisher, downloadable from the website and can be used as dictations for both classwork and homework as well as for personal study. For further information please contact Vision Edition. As a concert piece, Rhythm to go may also be performed by any number of musicians and instruments.

And where can you hear John Palmer’s works in the upcoming months?

March 30th: Almost midnight (from Musica Reservata). Teatro San Leonardo, Bologna, Italy. 8.30pm. Agnese Toniutti (piano).

April 8th: Incidental (from Musica Reservata). Tempelgesellschaft, Stuttgart,  7.00pm.  Heloise Ph. Palmer (piano).

April 22nd: Incidental. Stadthalle, Löbejün, Germany, 7.00pm.  Heloise Ph. Palmer (piano).

April 23rd: Incidental. Gohliser Schloß, Leipzig, Germany, 3.00pm.  Heloise Ph. Palmer.

May 7th: Incidental. Kirche St. Maria, Esslingen, Germany, 6.00pm.  Heloise Ph. Palmer.

May 9th: Incidental. Begegnungstätte, Leonberg, Germany, 7.00pm.  Heloise Ph. Palmer.

May, day t.b.a: sounding the day. Performers t.b.a.

May 17th: Incidental. Kammermusiksaal, Lindenbachsee, Stuttgart.  Heloise Ph. Palmer.

May 19th: Incidental. Hofstube, Merseburg, Germany, 6pm.  Heloise Ph. Palmer.

May 20th: Incidental. Nikolaikirche, Wettin, Germany, 5pm.  Heloise Ph. Palmer.

May 31st: Hypothesis (world premiere). The Listening Hour, University of Music Stuttgart, 7pm. Se-Mi Hwang (percussion).

May 31st: Rhythm to go. The Listening Hour,  University of Music Stuttgart, 7pm. Matthias Kalmbach, Mona Primke, Rahel Kramer, Philipp Adamczewski (quartet).

May 31st: Rhythm to go. The Listening Hour,  Stuttgart, 7pm. Martina Dimova (percussion).

May 31st: Rhythm to go. The Listening Hour,  Stuttgart, 7pm. Leon Tscholl (piano).

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