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John Palmer: upcoming performances in Germany

September 25th will see John Palmer‘s satori performed by Kristian Nyquist at the Evangelische Kirche, in Karlsruhe-Grötzingen, Germany. Four days later, his three imaginary dialogues for 4-hands piano will receive its German premiere by the Hayashikazi-Hagemann piano duo at the Spendhaus, “Bild des Monats”, in Reutlingen.

Regarding his 1999 piece for solo harpsichord, John Palmer notes: “When the acquisition of a new viewpoint begins to take shape, intuition becomes the tool for exploring other states of mind located beyond logical understanding. I have interpreted the experience of satori as the unfolding of a deeper insight into the truth of reality, an enlightened consciousness flashing into a new spiritual actuality.”

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Watch Shoko Hayashizaki and Michael Hagemann perform John Palmer’s three imaginary dialogues below:

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