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John Palmer May World Premieres in Germany

Kristin Nyquist

We are delighted with the news of two world premieres by John Palmer in May.

On Friday 17 May harpsichordist Kristian Nyquist premieres Vajra in Mannheim. In Sanskrit, Vajra means both thunderbolt and diamond. It symbolizes irresistible force and energy (the thunderbolt) and indestructibility (the diamond, also as an image of firmness and purity). John Palmer’s Vajra is dedicated to Kristian Nyquist, who says

This piece is a very personal one as he composed it as a gift in order to give me energy in a period when I wasn’t  feeling all too well. He put in so much energy of his own and completed it within 10 days!

On Thursday 23 May There for String Orchestra and String Quartet will receive its world premiere by Hofer Symphoniker conducted by Johannes Klummp and soloist quartet Alinde Quartet, in Selb. It is a special event-concert linked to the pictures of Kandisky and includes orchestral works inspired by paintings, the Bauhaus movement and Kandisky.

Conceived in 1991 as a reaction to the war occurring in the world at that time, There explores the dichotomy of two conflicting spatial and mental dimensions: a “there-ness”, symbolised by the orchestra, opposed to the “here-ness” epitomised by the string quartet. Similar to Kandinsky’s picture Towards the Blue, the yearning for a more inspiring reality is articulated by the interaction of sonic gestures dislocated in space and in constant search for possible points of contact.

Composers Edition is proud to present Vajra and There in its catalogue alongside other works by John Palmer

Friday 17 May, 8pm
Sonderveranstaltung in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Nationaltheater Mannheim Cembalo und Live-Elektronik
Kristian Nyquist, harpsichord, Panos lliopoulos, live electronics
Programme includes John Palmer’s Vajra (world premiere)
Zeitraumexit, Mannheim.

Thursday 23 May, 7:30pm
Bauhaus im Konzert
Alinde-Quartett (Eugenia Ottaviano, Violine, Guglielmo Dandolo Marchesi, Violine, Erin Kirby, Viola, Moritz Benjamin Kolb, Violoncello) & Hofer Symphoniker – Dirigent, Johannes Klumpp
Programme includes John Palmer’s There, for String Orchestra and String Quartet (World Premiere)
Rosenthal-Theater Selb.

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