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Vanessa Benelli Mosell
Vanessa Benelli Mosell

31 July 2019 Comments Off on John Palmer ‘Anagrams’ Italian Premiere Views: 949 CE News

John Palmer ‘Anagrams’ Italian Premiere

John Palmer
John Palmer

On Friday 30 August John Palmer’s Anagrams receives its Italian premiere by pianist Vanessa Benelli Mosell at Bari Piano Festival.

John Palmer says of Anagrams:

Very often the music I write contain codes and cryptic messages that I translate into sounds. The music of Anagrams was inspired by an inscription of the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Just like an extended anagram, the resulting musical phrase has been permutated in different manners thus eliciting altered and transcendental meanings.

Anagrams as well as other works by John Palmer are proudly available through Composers Edition.

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