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Joe Cutler Boogie Nights
Joe Cutler Boogie Nights

25 June 2019 Comments Off on Joe Cutler’s New Album & New Website! Views: 560 CE News

Joe Cutler’s New Album & New Website!

Joe Cutler Photograph © Ian Cuthbert
Joe Cutler Photograph © Ian Cuthbert

Joe Cutler’s second album, Boogie Nights, is being re-released on Birmingham Record Company through NMC on Friday 28 June.

This disc, Boogie Nights, consists of six works for a variety of mediums, all written between 2007 and 2013. What binds these six works together is an underlying post-minimalist approach. However, what is unique about Cutler’s approach is the manner in which fixed and transformative ostinati become the bedrock for musical journeys that tease with their musical and cultural references. In comparison to his earlier disc Bartlebooth, these works see an approach where elements of the vernacular and ‘downtown’ are more overt, in which irony is created through the dialogue between musics the conventionally should not be brought into contact. (Paul Jackson)

Also, Joe has just got a shinny new website, beautifully designed by Source Music Services. You can catch up all about Joe Cutler’s music, including detailed news about Boogie Nights, on

Composers Edition is proud to publish Joe Cutler’s music scores, which are available for purchase through our website.

Released May 18, 2014
Re-release June 28, 2019

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