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30 August 2019 Comments Off on Jeffrey Holmes September Premiere and Recording Views: 762 CE News

Jeffrey Holmes September Premiere and Recording

Jeffrey Holmes Thund for solo piano will be premiered by Jason Hardink on Monday 9 September at Westminster College, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Jason Hardink. Photo by Dustan Todd

The title Thund is from Old Norse for “Thundering Water”, is one of the many kennings attributed to a particular Scandinavian deity. Thund is the second in a series of works for solo instruments (with Herjan for guitar and Geirtýr for flute), derived from a larger work, a string quartet named Óss (Ansuz). These pieces are all programmatically based on a particular Scandinavian mythological shamanic figure and his esoteric written symbol, or rune. Thund is a piece about water through its various forms; first in its still and reflective form with gentle ripples, then a more twisting and moving form, and finally in its more violent and turbulent state. There are three themes that each appear in all three movements: a repeated chordal figure, polyrhythmic linear scales, and wide-range, fast moving arpeggios accompanied by trills.

Also around these days Jeffrey Holmes is finishing up the an extended recording session of his monodrama Myrkriða, Ljósleiðá [Rider of Darkness, Path of Light] for soprano, flute, percussion and guitar. This recording features soprano Kirsten Ashley Wiest, Duo Amantis (Tara Schwab – flute, Michael Kudirka – guitar) and percussionist Yuri Inoo, is produced by Scott Worthington and engineered by John Schneider. This 30-minute work will be the centerpiece of Jeffrey Holmes’ 3rd CD released on MicroFest Records due for release in late 2020.

Myrkriða, Ljósleiðá [Rider of Darkness, Path of Light] recording session

Composers Edition is proud to present a catalogue of Jeffrey Holmes’ works available for purchase through our website.

Monday 9 September 2019, 7:30pm
Jason Hardink Solo Recital at Westminster College
Programme includes Jeffrey Holmes Thund (World Premiere), and works by Bach, Schimmel and Brahms
Vieve Gore Concert Hall, Westminster College, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84105, USA

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