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Jeffrey Holmes

30 July 2018 Comments Off on Jeffrey Holmes Joins Composers Edition Views: 2027 CE News

Jeffrey Holmes Joins Composers Edition

We are delighted to welcome Californian composer Jeffrey Holmes to the Composers Edition family – our first from the US west coast.  Holmes’ works have been commissioned and performed across the United States and Europe by the likes of Los Angeles Philharmonic Association, Talea Ensemble, the JACK and Pendereki Quartets and Nicholas Isherwood.  Holmes’ works are frequently characterised by a primal earthiness, often inspired by myth and nature, making them strong statements in a programme.  Available in our initial selection we have a range of works from solos for both piano and cello, chamber works, the ensemble work Hagall, two vocal works and TJUR, a short work for full orchestra.

Holmes says;

I am excited and extremely appreciative to join Composers Edition. Music is the most basic and primal motivating factor in everything I do, and composition has always been the major part of my life. My unique isomorphic musical language is comprised of various theoretical consistencies: chromatic, diatonic, and microtonal non-octavating harmonies; expressive motivic lyricism; complex rhythmic patterns; and dramatic large-scale formal proportions and symmetries that collectively create large esoteric landscapes of sound, all of which are inspired by nature in its most elemental form. I am honored to join the many distinguished composers who are members of Composers Edition. I look forward to establishing working relationships with more performers internationally, reaching new audiences, and continuing my pursuit of artistic integrity as a part of Composers Edition.

Works available from Composers Edition:

Urðarmána (Moon of Fate) monodrama for bass-baritone and piano
TJUR for orchestra
Thund for solo piano
Thrall concerto for solo piano and five instruments
Oscularum Infame for piano trio
Nastrond for violin and one percussion player
Hrith (Hrið-Móðr-Ljómi) for solo guitar and six instruments
Hagall for nine players
Fragments for soprano and piano
Baritus for violoncello

We look forward to working with Jeffrey and bringing you more of his music.  In the meantime, please do take a look at the works and previews and get in touch with any queries.

Jeffrey Holmes Profile & Works

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