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2 July 2018 Comments Off on Jane Stanley Recording and July Performances Views: 649 CE News

Jane Stanley Recording and July Performances

A new recording of Jane Stanley’s newly revised and expanded version (30′) of D-re-A-mi-N-gl-Y (text by E.E. Cummings) has just been made with Warsaw-based pianist Emilia Sitarz, soprano Barbara Kinga and percussionist Magdalena Kordylasinska, for release in Autumn 2018.

Stanley first worked with Emilia Sitarz, along with her Lutosławski Piano Duo partner Bartłomiej Wąsik in 2014 when the pair performed Pentimenti at ISCM World Music Days in Wrocław. Emilia then commissioned Jane to compose D-re-A-mi-N-gl-Y for a premiere at Królikarnia Museum in Warsaw in 2015. This year Jane expanded the piece to a 30-minute form, reconceiving it for performance in the Memorial Chapel at the University of Glasgow. The piece harnesses the parameter of space, where the three performers move to different locations within the Chapel during the performance, and the resulting recording (binaural and ambisonic versions) will provide a representation of this. Elements of indeterminacy are also woven into the piece’s fabric. For both these reasons it was particularly important to spend time workshopping and rehearsing with the players during their visit to Glasgow. The recording will be available digitally from early October.

We look forward to publishing D-re-A-mi-N-gl-Y in due course.

Upcoming performances

Alex South8 July 2018
Firefly for solo clarinet (2018 revised version)
Alex South
Glad Cafe, Glasgow, UK





Ensemble Offspring

31 July 2018
Desert Rose (2010) for flute and vibraphone, and Helix Reflection (2013) for flute and clarinet
Ensemble Offspring
Delmar Gallery
Trinity Grammar School
Sydney, Australia

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