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31 December 2019 Comments Off on James Erber ‘Traces Cycle’ for Solo Flute Recording Review Views: 486 CE News

James Erber ‘Traces Cycle’ for Solo Flute Recording Review

James Erber

James Erber’s Traces Cycle for solo flute was recorded by Matteo Cesari and released in 2013 by Convivium Records. The album also includes ein andrer Hauch for piccolo.

We are pleased to hear that a new article on this CD has just been written at CultuurPakt:

In addition to his musical career, the composer James Erber has a second passion, archeology. He describes in a musical way how an old ruin feels and how its traces would sound. 
The sounds consist of so many deep layers that it almost becomes visual. Every layer one discovers something more. The deeper you dig, the greater the knowledge you gather and the more wonder you build up around it. And yet everything remains enveloped in a serene layer of mysticism and echoes.

Matteo Cesari

Read the full article here.

A range of James Erber’s works, including ein andrer Hauch, is available for purchase through Composers Edition online shop, to which Traces Cycle will be added soon.

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