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James Erber by Mikel Toms
James Erber by Mikel Toms

1 October 2018 Comments Off on James Erber October Performances Views: 1027 CE News

James Erber October Performances

James Erber A Greater Revelation for flute and clarinet

James Erber A Greater Revelation for flute and clarinet

James Erber’s flute and clarinet duet A Greater Revelation is being performed by James Devoll and Paul Schimming on Saturday 20 October as part of the Twin Cities New Music Festival, Minneapolis.

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The genesis of A Greater Revelation, completed in 2015 began some 13 years earlier:

In 2002, I composed a 30-bar formant for flute and clarinet, in response to Rilke’s poem “Orpheus. Euridike. Hermes”. During the next nine years I tried unsuccessfully to expand it into a full-scale piece, although I eventually used the flute part of the formant as the basis of two solo works, A Small Revelation (2012), written as a 70th birthday tribute to my teacher Brian Ferneyhough, and the more substantial Four Aspects of Euridice (2014).

Eventually, I composed A Greater Revelation between April and May 2015. The piece is actually a series of revelations. As in A Small Revelation, the original grid is subjected to four layers of variative activity, which gradually peel away, almost, but not quite, revealing the music as originally conceived. Each of these layers is subjected to up to six further procedures, creating four further versions of the grid, which are, in their turn, also almost revealed in their original form. These five different revelations are interleaved, and (like the different routes taken by the various types of music forming my alto flute piece Desire Lines (2014)), “creat[e] force fields, which nudge the music along parallel but differing routes”.

Meanwhile, Erber’s new piano piece memento a/i is going to be played by Jonathan Powell at the 11th Levoča Indian Summer, Slovakia on Sunday 7th October .  The first part of a two-movement piece Composers Edition will be publishing the complete work on completion.

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