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29 November 2019 Comments Off on James Erber ‘Memoriae Sacrum’ for Piano Solo Berlin Performance Views: 611 CE News

James Erber ‘Memoriae Sacrum’ for Piano Solo Berlin Performance

James Erber Memoriae Sacrum for piano solo will be performed by Pavlos Antoniadis in Berlin on Tuesday 3 December.

James Erber

This concert is a hommage to composer Klaus Karl Hübler who died in March 2018.

In this concert I present Hübler’s own solo piano piece, along with works by composers who were influenced either directly or indirectly by him (Wieland Hoban, Evan Johnson, Frank Cox, Michael Edward Edgerton and Berlin-based composer Andrew Noble), and more new works composed for the occasion by Berlin-based composers Irene Galindo Quero, Lula Romero, Nuria Núñez Hierro and Uday Krishnakumar, and British James Erber. We will focus not only on Hübler’s identity as a “New Complexity” composer, but on his preoccupation with the “spirit of the instrument”: this concept opens up to current stylistic and existential currents, also in relation to new music research in the area of ​​new instruments (New Interfaces for Musical Expression), the spatialization of sound and the so-called embodied cognition.

Pavlos Antoniadis

James Erber’s Memoriae Sacrum takes its name from a collection of short memoranda, written on the reverse sides of several pages of the alchemical treatise Aqua Vitae, Non Vitis by the 17th century hermetic writer Thomas Vaughan. These passages largely consist of a very moving and intimate set of memories of Vaughan’s late wife Rebecca and descriptions of the dreams Vaughan experienced in the period immediately after her death.

My piece consists of a 30 bar formant, subjected to up to four layers of variative activity, which gradually peel away, revealing the music in the form in which I first conceived it. I also like to think that the music’s gradual sense of revelation hints at the vividness of Vaughan’s early-morning dreams.

James Erber

Memoriae Sacrum is is dedicated to the memory of Klaus K. Hübler, and is proudly available at Composers Edition.

Tuesday 3 December 2019, 8pm
The spirit of the instrument – Hommage à Klaus K. Hübler / Unheard music
Pavlos Antoniadis , piano, clavichord, piano “senza clavis”, record player
A marathon concert with a German premiere and seven world premieres including Memoriae Sacrum by James Erber, plus five works composed especially for the occasion, in memory of Klaus K. Hübler.
BKA Theater, Mehring dam 34, Berlin

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