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27 May 2022 Comments Off on Jack Van Zandt Letter from Los Angeles, June 2022 Views: 221 CE News

Jack Van Zandt Letter from Los Angeles, June 2022

Greetings from warm and sunny Los Angeles!

I am very pleased that Composers Edition are now publishing several of my acousmatic works. Seven of my nearly fifty existing acousmatic pieces are now available with the rest due for release by CE in the coming year. I have been composing ambient soundscapes, sound sculptures and sound collages most of my professional life of nearly 50 years and many of them have not only been used in electronic music concerts but in many other contexts including film, TV, corporate and meditation videos, sleep events, and film and music festivals.

One of the most popular of these is the 2020 Aether with video, which has been used for online music and film festivals as well as for corporate and educational events. It consists of a computer-processed performance of my solo viola piece by Carmen Flores and a video made by Tim Bassford, both UK based artists. The work may be used with or without the video. It may be seen on my YouTube channel.

Another one of my favorite electronic ambient soundscapes that is now available is On the Shores of Eternity.

These and the five other soundscapes can be accessed via the CE Acousmatic works page, on my CE composer page and my YouTube channel. The other titles published in June are First Light, Time’s Ocean, Tír na nÓg, The Cloud of Unknowing, and The Lost Ones.

One of my pieces for standard symphony orchestra From th’ Ethereal Skie: An Imaginary Ballet After John Milton – Eve and the Serpent in Paradise has just been published. Full and perusal scores and parts are now available at CE website. The audio demo may be heard on my YouTube channel here:

This work would also make an excellent real ballet if any choreographer out there is looking for something new!

Another large-scale work now available from CE is Vanishing Point for high school and college combined wind and string ensembles. This work was commissioned by the Copland House Foundation as part of their “What’s the Score?” program for the Pasadena High School wind band and string orchestra. A full score and parts are now available from CE.

The video of the complete 2021 online premiere performance of my three piano nocturnes Painted Night performed by Philip Glass Ensemble pianist Eleonor Sandresky may now be seen on my YouTube channel and the score is available from CE.

I am in the final stages of composing five Mechanical Inventions for Two Marimbas for my dear friend and extraordinary LA percussionist Yuri Inoo Miyoshi. We plan to make a videorecording this summer of Yuri performing both parts which we will release on my YouTube channel and the score will be published by CE soon. Yuri is much in demand here in L.A. and has played many of my pieces, including the vibraphone and marimba parts in the recently premiered opera The New Frontier and vibraphone in my Shelley song cycle A Chaos of Light and Motion.

I am currently at work editing the video of the premiere staged performance of my The New Frontier: An Atomic Age Jazz Opera which will be available on my YouTube channel sometime in June. The full score of the work is in preparation for publication by CE later this year. I will also be working on new pieces and recording a couple of existing ones during the summer. These projects include composing new works for viola and piano, and a piano concerto; recording Lessness, for piano, string quartet, double bass and electronics with the Villiers Quartet; and recording more sections of my two-hour dramatic madrigal, On the Shores of Eternity. More news on these will follow later this year.

Have a Covid-safe and fun Summer everyone!

Jack Van Zandt

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