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28 April 2021 Comments Off on Ion Marmarinos ‘Sacretum’ in ‘New Choral Voices Vol. 4’ is ‘mesmerizing’ in Review Views: 75 CE News

Ion Marmarinos ‘Sacretum’ in ‘New Choral Voices Vol. 4’ is ‘mesmerizing’ in Review

Ion Marmarinos
Ion Marmarinos

Ion Marmarinos’ Sacretum for two sopranos and two mezzos features in the album “New Choral Voices, Vol.4” which was released with Ablaze Records last year.

The album and the individual tracks received a very positive review by Colin Clarke in the Fanfare Magazine (Issue 44:4, Mar/Apr 2021).

About Sacretum, Clarke says:

The piece Sacretum is the first piece I have come across that is inspired by different cycles of menstruation, and it explores fixed cycles (via contraceptive pills) and free cycles. (…) Greek composer Ion Marmarinos’ setting includes some mesmerizing, almost ‘popping’ staccatos that decorate the musical surface.
The music emerges completely fresh, its inspiration fully honored.

Colin Clarke, Fanfare Magazine

Ion gives us some insights on the exploration of the these through the music structure of this work:

Variations and contrasts between fixed cycles (use of contraception pill) and free cycles are demonstrated with clearly defined tonalities and rhythmic motifs (fixed), as opposed to sections of a quasi – tonal or atonal character with an obscured pulse (free), which suggest liberation from temporally controlled bodily functions. Short fragments, which act as links between different tonalities, harmonies, and rhythmic structures connect all four sections.

From this experience of approaching a topic so surrounded by fear and taboos, through music, Ion reflects:

… hopefully the truth about our identity and existence will become less frightening and more liberated.

Ion Marmarinos

Sacretum is part of a collaborative project among historian of gender Dr. Alana Harris, poet Audrey Ardern – Jones and Ion Marmarinos. A short film by Contemporary Artist, Stephanie Bickford-Smith on the original recording by EXAUDI (conducted by James Weeks) was presented at the Blood Series Festival at Science Gallery London in in November 2017.

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