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Vic Hoyland © Ben Palmer

27 October 2021 Comments Off on Great Photos, Videos & Words from Vic Hoyland’s 75th Birthday Concert! Views: 573 CE News

Great Photos, Videos & Words from Vic Hoyland’s 75th Birthday Concert!

We are delighted with reports from Vic Hoyland’s 75th birthday concert which by all accounts was a great success.

Vic Hoyland’s much anticipated 75th Birthday Concert had an audience comprising many prominent figures in classical music alongside friends, family, students. The concert had been postponed from its original date in December 2020 due to COVID restrictions making it extra special for all those involved to finally have the opportunity to perform and listen.

The programme, performed by Chamber Made, was designed to both contrast and compliment, with the first half dedicated to Debussy and the second half comprising of two premieres of Vic’s most recent compositions, conducted by Ben Palmer: an arrangement of a Sicilian folk song E Si Fussi Pisci and a substantial 30 minute contemporary work for 11 performers called For Derek John Benton; because: “Found Objects”

The entire concert was live-streamed and recorded. You can also find a a copy of the programme in Vic’s Website, along with the recordings of his two premieres.

The feedback from both the audience and performers was very complimentary, especially regarding Vic’s new compositions and the standard of performance. Following on from the concert, there are discussions currently underway with some University and College Music Departments in the UK regarding a potential tour of Vic’s new work in the new future.

What a spectacular and beautiful piece. The rhythmic use of sonority. It was a joy to be there to listen to it.

What a wonderful Concert in Saturday Evening. It was a lovely well – put together programme, terrifically played. Congratulations Vic on a fantastic piece, packed with energy, insight – a real feast for the ears, eyes and heart. I was also struck by the sustained and attack – plucked colours. A king of Hyper -Webern sustain/attack but also a jazz line-up too, especially when you added in the singers as well. It worked beautifully with the strong singers.

Your tour de force Because… it is so strong and vibrant. Just as you have always been and MUST remain. It was great to be immersed again in the Hoyland sonic landscape.

Images from Vic Hoyland’s 75th Birthday Concert ©Ben Palmer

Composers Edition is proud to publish Vic Hoyland’s works, including the arrangement of E Si Fussi Pisci and For Derek John Benton; because: “Found Objects” which are readily available for perusal and purchase through our website.

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