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Graham Lynch by Gavin Hicks
Graham Lynch by Gavin Hicks

31 December 2019 Comments Off on Graham Lynch’s ‘White Book’ Piano Series Gains Third Volume Views: 962 CE News

Graham Lynch’s ‘White Book’ Piano Series Gains Third Volume

Graham Lynch’s White Book pieces have been developing over almost two decades now, with the second book being premiered at Wigmore Hall back in 2008. There’s been a long wait for the third book to be composed but this has now been written for US pianist Paul Sanchez. Unlike the first two books this one is unified by a common theme; all the five pieces take their inspiration and titles from paintings by the British artist Christopher le Brun.

Composers Edition asked Paul Sanchez how this commission came about:

Paul Sanchez
Paul Sanchez

I first encountered Graham Lynch’s music in 2018, when Far Song – the new music art song duo I share with my wife, soprano Kayleen Sánchez – was asked to perform the world premiere of Graham’s Sappho Fragments for a Sappho colloquium in Charleston, South Carolina. In Graham’s Sappho settings, I was introduced to an evocative and poetic, refined and understated-yet-profoundly-expressive, intelligent and original compositional voice. When I had the opportunity to commission Graham to write a solo work for me, naturally, I jumped at that chance.

I am enthusiastically looking forward to recording the new work – White Book 3 – in the summer of 2020. And in August of 2020, I’ll perform the world premiere at the San Francisco International Piano Festival. It is an honour for me to be a part of bringing this important, major new piano work into the world!

Paul Sanchez

Composers Edition is proud to present Graham Lynch’s White Book 1 and White Book 2 in our catalogue. And we are also looking forward to publishing White Book 3 in due time.

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