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Graham Lynch Piano Works CD Release & October International Concerts

Graham Lynch

A fabulously busy October for Graham Lynch!

The highlight of the month is the release of the Seria Ludo CD through the Divine Art label on Friday 8 October. This will be the first recording of White Book 3, Absolute Inwardness, The Couperin Sketchbooks, the first piano recording of Ay!, also White Book 2 will be on the disc. White Book 2 is played by Albert Kim and the rest of the pieces by Paul Sánchez.

While Graham’s music is often highly complex, every note is vital and every marking essential. All has purpose, all comes together to create art that has been distilled to its essence. While the five movements of White Book 3 are integral to the work as a whole, Landscapes with Angels, the final movement, is perhaps its spiritual heart. From a pianistic perspective, Graham has given me the opportunity to do my two favorite things at the piano in this movement: to explore color with sound, and to embark on an impossible-to-attain-yet-worthy-of-the-attempt poetic journey to a transcendent dimension. His work is a vast landscape rife with possibility; his angels are apparitions of terrifying aspect, inspiringly beautiful yet beyond our capacity to understand.

Paul Sánchez

On Wednesday 6 October The Royal College of Music will stream the recent concert that included the first UK performance of Symphony Cocteau for saxophone quartet and piano. It’ll stay online for a year.

On Thursday 7 October there will be the first performance of Couperin on the Road for flute, viola, and harp. This is a creative arrangement of selections from the Couperin ordres that Graham wove together to create the narrative of a journey through the countryside, with reapers, butterflies, nightingales, and others. It will be performed by the Beau Soir Ensemble, and there will be over twenty further performances during this season.

Later in the month, there will be three performances of Graham Lynch’s music in three different concerts on Sunday 24 October:

Dark Sonata for guitar duo will get its second performance by the Helsinki Guitar duo, taking place in Helsinki.

Clavichord player Paul Simmonds will perform Dance from the set Petenera, based on poems by Lorca, at the Christina Thaler Studio in Zogingen, Switzerland.

Couperin on the Road will have one of its further performances in Rockville Pike, US, by the Beau Soir Ensemble.

Composers Edition is proud to present White Book3, Absolute Inwardness, The Couperin Sketchbooks, White Book 2, Symphony Cocteau, and Dark Sonata available for perusal and purchase through our website.

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