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Graham Lynch

30 June 2020 Comments Off on Graham Lynch New Piano Recordings Views: 294 CE News

Graham Lynch New Piano Recordings

Recording session with Albert Kim and Paul Sánchez

Last month a new recording of Graham Lynch’s music was made in Missouri including White Book 2, Absolute Inwardness, The Couperin Sketchbooks, and White Book 3. Three of these are very recent and have yet to have their concert premieres!

Paul Sánchez has recorded the latter three pieces and the pianist Albert Kim also features on the CD as he recorded White Book 2 (which he gave the US premiere of a couple of years ago at the San Francisco International Piano Festival).

White Book 3 was commissioned by Paul and all the pieces are based around the paintings of Christopher le Brun.

Composers Edition is proud to present a selection of Graham Lynch’s works, including White Book 2 available for perusal and purchase through our website. And we look forward to publishing these new pieces in due course!

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