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Graham Lynch
Graham Lynch

30 October 2020 Comments Off on Graham Lynch Clavichord Concert and Guitar Ensemble Recordings Views: 193 CE News

Graham Lynch Clavichord Concert and Guitar Ensemble Recordings

Sunday 15 November leading clavichord player, Paul Simmonds, will give a performance of Graham Lynch’s Admiring Yoro Waterfall at the Salle Modulable in Zofingen Switzerland.

Paul Simmonds

Graham Lynch gives us a beautiful account about the UK premiere of this piece:

Paul had previously given the UK premiere of the clavichord version of
this piece many years ago at a very beautiful and memorable concert given for the British Clavichord Society, with the sounds from a garden (at a lovely country house in Somerset) blending into the delicate sonorities of the music.

Grahm Lynch

Also, there are now dates in place in February next year for the recording of Graham Lynch’s guitar ensemble music. The recording will take place in Helsinki, with a fantastic group of guitarists that include some of Graham’s
long-term collaborators: Rody van Gemert, Jose Casallas, Mari Mäntylä and

This CD will include previous commissions from the Helsinki Guitar Duo, as well as International Guitar Foundation commissions for the What Guitar Trio and the Eurostrings Ensemble.

Among the pieces featured in this recording will be Figures from Watteau, Naivement Rondeau, Waltz Cocteau, and Serenata Notturna which are proudly available at Composers Edition. Serenata Notturna will receive a quintet arrangement – this work was composed for the guitar orchestra of the Avonia Music Institute which comprises young players of all ages and abilities from beginners to more advanced.

I haven’t seen that little video for a couple of years and I find it curiously heartening, a reminder of good things like music making and human communication! Those children are so absorbed, even the little blond girl on the left who dozed off in rehearsals. 🙂

Graham Lynch

The album also includes a brand new duo (a 20 minute sonata) which will be published by Composers Edition shortly after its premiere.

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