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Francis Pott
Francis Pott

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Francis Pott Piano Music Garners Warm Reviews

February edition of International Piano magazine features very nice reviews of Francis Pott piano music.

Murray McLachlan takes a look on Francis Pott’s oevre for piano:

The British composer, pianist and senior academic at the London College of Music Francis Pott (b 1957) has written prolifically and significantly for piano. As a former student of Hamish Milne, he clearly understands the instrument well, and his music includes a formidably exciting Toccata dedicated to Marc-André Hamelin which won first prize in the International Prokofiev Composition Competition in 1997.

Pott’s music displays idiomatic sensitivity, exquisite craftsmanship and often touching memorability. A wide-ranging selection of his works has been impressively recorded by Jeremy Filsell, and many of his solo piano pieces have already been published by Composers Edition.

Murray McLachlan

The album A Room at the End of the Mind – Piano Music by Francis Pott, performed by Jeremy Filsell has also been favourably mentioned by Andy Hamilton – “cerebral music with expressive power”.

A selection of Francis Pott is proudly available with Composers Edition, including Toccata, also A Room at the End of the Mind and Scherzo-Notturno which feature in Jeremy Filsell’s recording.

Francis Pott: A Room at the End of the Mind twelve pieces for solo piano

Francis Pott: Scherzo-Notturno for piano solo

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