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Francis Pott

31 January 2020 Comments Off on Francis Pott ‘A Toye’ in International Piano Magazine Views: 398 CE News

Francis Pott ‘A Toye’ in International Piano Magazine

A Toye, which is the ninth piece of Francis Pott’s set of 12 short piano pieces entitled A Room at the End of the Mind, will feature as a centrefold free piano piece in the February 2020 edition of International Piano magazine.

A Toye was written in one sitting, away from the piano. My son was reluctant over homework, so in solidarity I sat down nearby to work at something of my own, and these pages emerged from that companionable arrangement. Beneath a certain Englishness lies some hint of my longstanding love of Fauré, detectable perhaps through fluidity of texture more than actual sound. The inscription is to my friend Roger Owens, one of the UK’s finest pianists. If there’s no particular reason why Roger should have ended up with this specific piece, nor is there any doubt that his graceful facility and finesse would elevate it far higher than it deserves. 

‘In former times ‘toye’ denoted simply an amusement or diversion of any kind.’

Last Autumn ACIS released A Room at the End of the Mind – Piano Music by Francis Pott, performed by Jeremy Filsell.

Composers Edition is proud to present A Room at the End of the Mind available through our website, as well as other works by Francis Pott.

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