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31 December 2020 Comments Off on Flautist Antonella Bini Performs Alastair Greig Views: 689 CE News

Flautist Antonella Bini Performs Alastair Greig

We’re pleased to present a recording of Italian flautist Antonella Bini performing Alastair Greig’s Even by Moonlight I have no Peace, available now on our Youtube channel.

Antonella Bini

Bini, a regular performer of contemporary repertoire with a speciality in playing both the sopranine flute in F with its characterful buzzing “kazoo effect” mode and the contrabass flute, which she’s always happy to have composers write for (see her video tutorials on each instrument here). As with all musicians, 2020 has been terrible year, but the ever resourceful Bini has used the time to hook up with composers from around the world, performing new works online. She is looking forward to getting back to more live performances in 2021 including with her duo partner, pianist Gabriele Rota and the ACHROME ensemble.

“delicate, lovely solo Even by Moonlight I have no Peace can can stand alone as a showcase piece for the instrument”

George Grella, New York Classical Review

Originally composed for the American flautist, Linda DiMartino Wetherill, the title for Alastair Greig’s Even by Moonlight I have no Peace Greig comes from Bulgakov’s novel, The Master and Margarita in which the phrase above occurs several times, voiced by different characters, acting as a motive, in compositional terms. Grieg tells us;

The novel seems to me to be close to the paintings of Chagall, luminous, drawing on folklore, savagely ironic and violent yet tender and beautiful in equal measure. The two- part piece for alto flute reflects this aspect of the writing that I found unusual and engrossing.

The score is available in printed and digital editions here.

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