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31 March 2020 Comments Off on Erika Fox on a Place of Tranquility in the Midst of a Crisis Views: 495 CE News

Erika Fox on a Place of Tranquility in the Midst of a Crisis

In the midst of the crisis we have been living in, it was a balsam to receive a message from Erika Fox, and learn that she is safe and finding the calm to keep creating, even in the midst of these problematic days. I asked Erika to share some excerpts of her message, hoping it will transmit as much peace to our reader as it did with me. Thinking of all the challenges in life Erika has being through, it is an inspiration to read her calm words, a reminder to keep looking to the simple and beautiful things in life.
Késia Decoté, from Composers Edition.

“I hope you are keeping healthy and will continue to do so! I am at my pretty isolated cottage in Pembrokeshire. I drove down on February 10th, hoping to stay about 4 weeks. I’ve had this cottage since 1976, and come as often as possible because it’s so much easier to work here, in peace and quiet. My favourite moments are, on just arriving and going in, to savour the total silence. It’s amazing how little silence one encounters in London. Loud music blaring from somewhere, traffic noise, people shouting all over the place (in my long ago youth people spoke quietly, unless making a point in anger, but now the clamour of voices can drive one straight round the bend). It is lovely here, though there’s LOTS of rain (nobody goes to west Wales for the weather!), and to have a few short days of sunshine as has happened at the moment is an absolute treat.

As I said I was about to get ready to go back to London when my family and friends started sending me scary emails and exhorting me to stay put, as it was safer for me here than it would be in the metropolis, which I suppose is true. So – although I am very worried about my daughter in London and my son and family in France, I wouldn’t be able to do anything for them even if we were together – I am staying here for a while longer. The good news is that the pieces I have been finding it difficult to write, are coming along now, so I hope quite soon to have finished both the work for solo trumpet for the RAM which I’m calling ‘Several Fanfares’ and the work for contrabass flute and piano for Carla Rees and John Tilbury which hasn’t got a name yet.

Here’s wishing you and all at CE,  CONTINUING GOOD HEALTH   and good times yet to come for all of us. Erika”

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