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Kate Romano and Erika Fox. Photo Tim Fox
Kate Romano and Erika Fox. Photo Tim Fox

31 October 2019 Comments Off on Erika Fox Official CD Launch Views: 765 CE News

Erika Fox Official CD Launch

Last month, on the Thursday 3 October the official launch of Erika Fox’s debut CD Paths (NMC Recordings) was held at the Austrian Cultural Forum, Knightsbridge, London.

The evening included an interview with Kate Romano and a live performance of two pieces on the CD with Goldfield Ensemble. A warm audience filled the room to celebrate Erika Fox’s music.

Since its release earlier this year, Erika Fox’s album has been receiving the most enthusiastic reviews:

One of the 20th and 21st century’s most significant compositional voices in this country’  Tom Service, Music Matters BBC Radio 3, broadcast June 29th

… food for the mind, the ears, plus the heart’ ★★★★ BBC Music Magazine

‘…the blend of the elegiac and the abrasive is compelling, and very well conveyed by these performers in a recording that catches the evolving interactions of the ensemble with vivid immediacy..’ Gramophone

‘A distinctive and assured musical voice…The Goldfield Ensemble plays assuredly throughout, giving these underserved works excellent documentation. Now it is up to the rest of the musical world to take up Fox’s compelling music and make it much more widely known.’  Christian Carey, Sequenza21

‘An intriguing introduction to her soundworld…her moment, overdue, has at last come’.  Guardian 

‘This is stunning! David Lefeber’s masterful new recording, a great acoustic, the excellent Goldfield Ensemble and Erika’s demanding, passionate and intense music make a great combination…brings 21st century life to this amazing music’ listener feedback via Amazon ★★★★★

‘The music is so strong, individual and original…the performances are beautiful, authoritative and confident. Altogether it is such an achievement, a wonderful and successful conclusion, even though it is long overdue’  Nicola LeFanu (composer) 

‘The new CD of music by Erika Fox, is, to use that over-used word, a revelation, but on this occasion it really is. A name I vaguely remember from when I first started to get interested in music, it is just a mystery to me how such vibrant, individual, feisty and theatrical music should be ignored for so long. The performances are similarly vivid – this is the sort of music that demands that you listen’David Wordsworth, conductor, writer

‘Fresh, bold, dramatic, urgent and original…the music sounds like no-one else, and the performances are shot through with the most extraordinary energy. The recordings sound incisive and clear and Erika’s unequivocally vital, muscular, fresh-as-paint musical imagination comes across unmistakably’Richard Causton, composer

Composers Edition is immensely proud to take part in the championing of Erika Fox’s music by publishing her works, which are available through our website.

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