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29 April 2019 Comments Off on Erika Fox Joins Composers Edition Views: 939 CE News

Erika Fox Joins Composers Edition

We’re delighted to welcome London-based Erika Fox to the Composers Edition family. Fox is perhaps best known for her staged works including the widely performed puppet music drama The Bet and her Olivier Award-nominated The Dancer Hotoke. Less widely known is her substantial catalogue of solo, chamber and ensemble works which have nevertheless gained critical acclaim for their imagination, inventiveness, expressiveness and colour.

Frequently commissioned and performed at major venues and festivals from the mid 1970s into the 1990s, Fox’s profile has fallen away somewhat in the last 25 years. Joining Composers Edition marks a return to wider recognition together with the upcoming release of a debut portrait CD/digital album on the NMC record label, beautifully performed by Goldfield Ensemble, conducted by the leading contemporary music conductor (and Composers Edition composer) Richard Baker. As Fox says herself:

I am hoping to regain the enthusiasm and time to complete some of the work I have begun and also to have the opportunity to indulge my real passion, which is theatre music, now that I have been lucky enough to sign up with Composers Edition who are committed to interesting people in the music of their composers.  A CD of some of my chamber music is being released on the NMC label in June and I shall be in Tanglewood in August to give a couple of lectures and for the performance of my chamber work, Hungarian Rhapsody, to be conducted by a former student of mine, Thomas Adès. So—-2019 is promising to be an exciting and fruitful year. 

Exploring the solo, chamber and ensemble works, it is clear that ritual and theatricality are central to all of Fox’s music which is infused with elements of continental and British neo-classicism together with Jewish liturgical chant and the Hasidic melodies of her upbringing. Amongst the first batch of works are the Finzi Award-winning Keleidoscope for flute, harp, vibraphone and cello and the ensemble work Shir which Nicola Losseff describes as ‘consumed with a fierce, internalised anger and passion, expressed in tightly-controlled climaxes which erupt into chant-like passages’ .

‘It is incredibly rare to stumble across a virtually unknown or forgotten composer whose music genuinely excites and delivers, piece after piece. Erika Fox’s language is bold, feisty, uncompromising and astonishingly fresh.

Kate Romano, Artistic Director of Goldfield Ensemble

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