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Erika Fox, composer. London Dec 2018. photo Tim Fox

1 May 2020 Comments Off on Erika Fox Financial Times Interview with Andrew Dickson Views: 188 CE News

Erika Fox Financial Times Interview with Andrew Dickson

We at Composers Edition could not be happier and prouder to see the crescent recognition to Erika Fox’s music since the historical release of her first portrait CD ‘Paths’ by NMC last year. This continues last month with Erika being interviewed by Andrew Dickson for the Life & Arts section in Financial Times.

Dickson starts by highlighting the Life Time Achievement Award conferred on Fox at last December’s Ivors Composers Awards. The illuminating conversation continues, covering the early works, her quiet career through the past decades and reflecting on the context of the factors affecting a composer’s visibility in the music scene:

I used to think, in a very naive way, that if you did work that was good enough…
Well, it’s a man’s world, even now, isn’t it?

Celebrating the wider recognition of her music today, they talk about upcoming projects including Fox’s hope for further recordings following the Goldfield Ensemble album made possible by Kate Romano:

Music only exists in sound… unless someone plays it and plays it well… [She smiles sweetly] Well, it doesn’t really exist at all, does it?

Composers Edition is proud to be part of the championing of Erika Fox’s music by publishing and promoting her works.

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