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Erika Fox - Paths
Erika Fox - Paths

26 September 2019 Comments Off on Erika Fox CD Official Launch Views: 954 CE News

Erika Fox CD Official Launch

Erika Fox, composer. London Dec 2018. photo Tim Fox

This June Erika Fox’s first portrait CD was released on NMC featuring Goldfield Ensemble, Richard Baker (cond) and Richard Uttley (piano). On Thursday 3 October the official CD launch will take place at the Austrian Cultural Forum, London.

The evening will include an interview with Goldfield Ensembles Director Kate Romano before a live performance of two pieces on the CD – On Visiting Stravinsky’s Grave at San Michele for piano solo and Malinconia Militare for piano quartet.

Since its release Erika Fox Paths CD has been broadcast worldwide, gathering enthusiastic reviews including Four Stars from All Music.

Composer Erika Fox (b. 1936) has all the newness, has the sort of “sound of surprise” that we expect and hope for in New Music Modernism. Everything has mass and weight; there are no superficial or facile byways. Erika Fox is a real treasure and I recommend you hear this by all means!

Grego Applegate Edwards

The four compositions on this disc, written between 1980 and 2005, have a much wider expressive profile than such purely ethnic aspects might suggest; and with that profile comes impressive technical resourcefulness. It’s all a long way from mere idiosyncrasy. On this evidence, more of Erika Fox’s music on disc would be very welcome.

Arnold Whittall, Gramophone

Fox’s music is challenging, definitely, but also bracing. Refreshing, too…

Geoff Brown, BBCMusic Mag

Composers Edition is proud to be working alongside NMC and Goldfield Ensemble championing the work of Erika Fox’s music, presenting her works (including the works from Paths) through our website.

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