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Emma-Ruth Richards

30 September 2020 Comments Off on Emma-Ruth Richards at London New Wind Festival Views: 486 CE News

Emma-Ruth Richards at London New Wind Festival

Emma-Ruth Richards’ Soul Cry (de Stâmparare) for solo oboe will be performed by Catherine Pluygers on Friday 16 October as part of the 23rd London New Wind Festival.

de Stâmparare roughly translates from Romanian into English as ‘soul cry’. The piece is based on an anonymous Romanian folk song called Hora Spoitorilor; the theme can be heard in full right at the end of the piece. The piece reflects some of the characteristics of the doina; a freerhythm, highly melismatic, ornamented tune (…)

Doinas have an important psychological action to ‘ease one’s soul’ (de Stâmpǎrare) or as an invocation to God to help ease pain.

We are delighted with the news of music coming back to the concert halls with live audience in the UK. However, the organisers ask to check their website 5 days before the concert in case they have to cancel the live concert and broadcast at a later date because of Covid.

New Music for Winds
Friday 16 October
Janet Craxton Studios
14 Kidderpore Avenue
London N3 7SU
Tickets at door £8 or in advance through email.

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