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Emily Doolittle

1 June 2019 Comments Off on Emily Doolittle June Performance by Harriet Mackenzie & Celoniatus Ensemble Views: 855 CE News

Emily Doolittle June Performance by Harriet Mackenzie & Celoniatus Ensemble

On Thursday 27 June Harriet Mackenzie and the Celoniatus Ensemble will be performing Emily Doolittle’s falling still, version for violin and string orchestra, as part of the Festival of Chichester. The programme of this concert is inspired by nature and also features Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons juxtaposed with Piazzolla’s Four Seasons of Buenos Aires

In falling still, Doolittle explores the difference between sounds that are made by other living creatures – such as bird and whale songs – and sounds that are the result of natural processes. 

In this piece the solo melody is parallel to a bird song – flexible, ever changing, and a result of aesthetic decisions – while the descending chord progression in the lower strings represents cyclical, inanimate sounds like wind, rain, or waves. 

Composers Edition is proud to publish Emily Doolittle’s music, including falling still, which is available for purchase through our website.

Thursday 27 June 2019, 7:30pm
Eight Seasons and a blackbird – Vivaldi Four Seasons, Piazzolla Four Seasons of Buenos Aires, Emily Doolittle falling still, with Celoniatus Ensemble and Harriet Mackenzie.
Chichester Cathedral, West Sussex

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