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28 January 2021 Comments Off on Emily Doolittle Invites You to ‘Art-Making in the Anthropocene’ Views: 405 CE News

Emily Doolittle Invites You to ‘Art-Making in the Anthropocene’

Emily Doolittle
Emily Doolittle

Emily Doolittle invites you to series of talks on Art-Making in the Anthropocene. This is a series of 8 free online talks/discussions and an online concert which bring together Scottish and international artists, activists and academics from across disciplines to explore what art-making can be in this time of ecological emergency.

The event runs from 16 February to 06 April 6 (concert date TBA), and is funded by a Royal Society of Edinburgh Research Workshop grant and co-organized by Dr Emily Doolittle, Dr Sarah Hopfinger, and Dr Stuart MacRae at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

For more information or to book (free) tickets please email [email protected].

Emily Doolittle’s catalogue at Composers Edition features many works inspired by and addressing diverse aspects of nature and the human relationship with the natural world, including All Spring for soprano and chamber ensemble, Woodwings for wind quintet and Social Sounds from Whales and Night in versions for oboe d’amore, english horn, viola and voice, all with percussion and tape.

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