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23 October 2019 Comments Off on Emily Doolittle ‘green/blue’ with Symphony Nova Scotia Views: 625 CE News

Emily Doolittle ‘green/blue’ with Symphony Nova Scotia

Symphony Nova Scotia will be performing Emily Doolittle green/blue on Thursday 24 October.

Green/blue was commissioned by Ken Woods and the Oregon East Symphony in 2003, but bears a close relationship to an earlier work, green notes, which I wrote for Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra in 2001. In green notes I took a simple, diatonic idea, which was not too foreign to the sound world of baroque music, and little by little transformed it into something which sounded unmistakably modern and strange in the context of the baroque-like music from which it grew. In green notes, this emergent modernistic passage serves as the climax of the piece, and immediately precedes a return to the baroque-influenced music of the opening. In green/blue, however, this new material serves as the main body of the piece, and develops according to its own timbral and harmonic patterns, rather than those of the baroque-like music from which it originated.

green/blue is available through Composers Edition, as well as other works by Emily Doolittle.

Thursday 24 October 2019, 7:30pm
Symphony Nova Scotia
Bernhard Gueller, conductor
Louis-Philippe Marsolais, horn
On the program: Emily Doolittle – green/blue, Richard Strauss – Horn Concerto No. 1, Sibelius – Symphony No. 2
Rebecca Cohn, Halifax

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