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31 December 2019 Comments Off on Ebonit Saxophone Quartet ‘From Wolfgang to Whalley’ in Rotterdam Views: 814 CE News

Ebonit Saxophone Quartet ‘From Wolfgang to Whalley’ in Rotterdam

Richard Whalley
Richard Whalley

The Ebonit Saxophone Quartet are performing Richard Whalley’s piece Refugees Welcome ♥ at Kassa de Doelen in Rotterdam on Tuesday 7 January in a concert named ‘from Wolfgang to Whalley’ – a lot to live up to.

The programme features:

Mozart String Quartet No. 4 in C KV157, Mendelssohn Overture The Hebrides*, Debussy DivertissementJanácek In the fog *, Richard Whalley Refugees Welcome ♥ **, and Jean River Grave et Presto.
(* arranged by Ebonit Saxophone Quartet | ** composed for Ebonit Saxophone Quartet)

Last Autumn Ebonit Saxophone Quartet toured the UK performing and recording the music of Composers Edition’s Richard Whalley and Kevin Malone. Here is a taste of their Manchester concert:

Ebonit Saxophone Quartet performing The Water Protectors by Kevin Malone
Ebonit Saxophone Quartet performing Iapetus Suture by Richard Whalley

We are also delighted to hear that the recording of Ebonit CD with four new works by Richard Whalley and Kevin Malone, to be released by Metier Label, went very well so there will be more news about it hopefully in the first half of 2020.

Composers Edition is proud to publish Richard Whalley’s as well as Kevin Malone’s works, including Refugees Welcome ♥ and Iapetus Suture.

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