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20 June 2016 Comments Off on Magnus Lindberg conducts five world premieres including works by Michael Cryne and Robert Peate Views: 1726 Composers

Magnus Lindberg conducts five world premieres including works by Michael Cryne and Robert Peate

On 4th July 2016, the Royal College of Music and London Philharmonic Orchestra join forces for Debut Sounds: Dérive: a one-of-a-kind-event presented by BBC Radio 3’s Sara Mohr-Pietsch, featuring works by Boulez, Knussen or Lindberg as well as world premieres by five young composers including Michael Cryne and Robert Peate, to be conducted by Magnus Lindberg himself.

These premieres will be performed by members of the London Philharmonic Orchestra and its Foyle Future Firsts Development Programme. Each work was written specially for an LPO member to perform as soloist with the ensemble (made of the orchestra members) behind them. Among the five premieres is Robert Peate’s Violin Concerto and Michael Cryne’s Prometheus Bound.

Robert Peate’s Violin Concerto is dedicated to violinist Vesselin Gellev. “Various things influenced the music’s direction and character whilst writing it, from an ode by Horace to certain political events at the time, and though I worried about the historical weight of writing a violin concerto initially, I tried not to let it bother me too much whilst writing, and treated it like any other piece I might write,” explains Robert.

Rob Peate (rain)

Michael Cryne’s Prometheus Bound takes its title from the ancient Greek drama commonly attributed to Aeschylus. “Most of the harmonic material has been created from a combination of Scriabin’s ‘Prometheus’ or ‘mystic’ chord – pitches C, F♯, B♭, E, A and D – and the scale from which it can be derived. The broad structure of the drama is used to help shape the piece: various interlocutors (Oceanids, the Titan Oceanus, Io, and finally Hermes) interact with Prometheus.” Rather than being programmatic, the piece instead is constructed around the idea of protagonist (trombone) and interlocutors (the ensemble) interacting.

To hear both premieres as well as an array of works by 20th-century compositional giants, head to the Amaryllis Fleming concert hall at the RCM on Monday 4th July 2016 from 7.30pm. More information and tickets on this link.

Both works will shortly be available through Composers Edition.

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