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Daniele Venturi

27 May 2021 Comments Off on Daniele Venturi Joins Composers Edition Views: 820 CE News

Daniele Venturi Joins Composers Edition

It is a great honour to welcome Italian composer Daniele Venturi to the Composers Edition family, an astonishingly productive composer, especially when one considers the combination of attention to detail, range of skill (both formal and technical) and imagination evident throughout his huge output. Often drawing multiple poetic, mythological, psychological, musical and artistic references Venturi’s works define worlds for themselves. He achieves this in part with great understanding of the sonic physical properties of instruments, often extended through performance techniques, such that, at times, it’s hard to believe that you are indeed listening to this or that instrument. When given sound through fine performances such as those on Lumen, the latest album of his music (which includes Arlìa for flute and violin and Le chant del nane Periòt for alto flute) his works offer listeners magical experiences.

On joining Composers Edition the composer says;

I am very delighted to join Composers Edition. I have been looking for a great group like this for many years.
Dan is a person with great empathy and has created a great work team. I am even happier and more honored to join Composers Edition now that my new monographic CD Lumen is out on Stradivarius Label.
At the moment, I am working on a one piece for soprano, marimba and electronics, dedicated to two outstanding players, the soprano Marion Tassou and the percussionist Laurent Mariusse.
I have also just completed the composition Donne che avete intelletto d’amore, a tribute to Dante Alighieri, for a cappella choir of eight mixed voices, written for the Coro Giovanile Italiano.

We very much look forward to presenting these new works at Composers Edition as we add to an initial selection featuring solo, chamber, vocal and orchestral works:

Achernar (version for piano and orchestra)

for piano and orchestra

Written at the request of the Venezuelan pianist and composer Marianela Arocha, it is an elaborate work, specially designed for the Orquesta Sinfónica Simón Bolívar. It also has an educational purpose, that is, to bring a youth orchestra closer to contemporary art music. Although the writing entrusted to the orchestral mass is very varied and articulated, it generally tends to envelop or illuminate the more lyrical one of the piano.



for flute and violin

Acrobatic work evoking an historic local term from the Bolognese Apennines describing a state of ‘possession’ of a person or an animal by some spirit bringing a state of anxiety and inner discomfort. Featured on the latest album of Venturi’s music this work.


Le chant del nane Periòt

for alto flute

Inspired by a beautiful popular song from the Aosta Valley, this substantial work involves the use of specifically created mutes and extended techniques and voice to evocative psychoacoustic effect. Featured on the latest album of Venturi’s music this work


Studio 19

for viola

Part technical study, part theatrical, poetic invocation of acrobats, jugglers and especially mimes.


Studio Sulla Lontananza

for piano

Based on the idea of the Nineteenth-century piano studio. The work has a strongly theatrical character and was written for the sensitive pianist French Pascale Berthelot who the piece itself is dedicated to.



for saxophone quartet

A work in which compositional techniques borrowed from the numerous studies and specific research carried out by the composer, primarily on phonetics, merge. The distinctive feature of this composition is the various musical parameters derived and organized following two technical processes present in electronic music, that is additive synthesis and subtractive synthesis.



for soprano flute, oboe, spinet, harp and live electronics

A musical kaleidoscope based on intense musical, symbolic and structural study of the eponymous meteorological tool for representing the distribution of winds at any given location.


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