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1 May 2019 Comments Off on Daniel Saleeb May Performances and Premieres Views: 578 CE News

Daniel Saleeb May Performances and Premieres

Daniel Saleeb’s Scrīn is being performed by Johannes Quack (Kantor der Antoniterkirche Köln) in Köln on Friday 10th May.

Scrīn is a collection of five short pieces for solo organ.

‘Scrīn’ (pronounced ‘shreen’) is an Old English word of Germanic origin meaning ‘cabinet, chest, reliquary’, and is considered etymologically connected to the modern word ‘shrine’. This collection of pieces takes as its point of departure the imagined idea of a curio cabinet filled with consumer-available religious objects. Each of the five pieces gives a simple and personal response to the named item.

The concert also features a piece by another Composers Edition composer, Alison Willis.

Later in the month, on Monday 20th May, Saleeb’s new setting of the Evening Canticles for the choristers of Westminster Abbey will be sung for the first time during Evensong at Westminster Abbey. This piece is called Westminster Choristers’ Service.

Friday 10 May
Lange englische Orgelnacht
6pm: The 21st Century – Devotion with organ works by Daniel Saleeb, Alison Willis, Stephen Hough,
Stephen Hough Johannes Quack, organ. Pastor Markus Herzberg, liturgy.
Antoniterkirche, Schildergasse 57 ï 50667 Köln

Monday 20 May
Westminster Choristers’ Service
Sang by the Choristers
Programme includes Daniel Saleeb’s Westminster Choristers’ Service (first performance).
Westminster Abbey, London SW1P 3PA

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