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Colin RIley

22 November 2016 Comments Off on Colin Riley: upcoming performances Views: 1992 Composers

Colin Riley: upcoming performances

Two compositions by Colin Riley will receive their premieres next week: “Impossible Worlds” will be performed by COMA Bristol at the Victoria Rooms on Wednesday, November 30, 2016 (from 7:30pm and 9:30pm). On the very same night, “Songs of Coiled Light” for solo bass clarinet, live electronics and vibrating surfaces will be performed by Gareth Davis at the Antonin Artaud Performance Centre, Brunel University, Uxbridge. For further information about Colin’s upcoming performances, do head to his website.

“Impossible Worlds” is a complete re-working of an original commission from COMA. A set of 5 pieces which all take MC Esher’s pictures as their inspiration, it is conceived for a flexible score so that the instrumentation can vary from performance to performance. COMA Bristol are premiering this new version on 30th November and then COMA London play it on Tuesday, 6th December at St Dunstan’s Church, Stepney, London. Both concerts are themed around this piece and also share the title ‘Impossible Worlds’.

“Songs of Coiled Light” is part of Colin’s ongoing project called ‘Made 2 Resonate’ that explores ways to create pieces for solo instruments with sonic environments stimulated by inducing objects to ‘sing’ alongside the solo performer. This is done with the aid of live electronics. The first piece was for pianist Kate Halsall – Hanging In The Balance – and is available on her latest CD. “Songs of Coiled Light” is the second piece of the set – the third piece, “Fallen Angel”, was written for violist Nic Pendlebury and will be premiered in the spring. These last two works have been funded by the PRS for Music Foundation.

Both works will soon be available on Composers Edition. In the meanwhile, watch a brand new documentary showing the genesis of this multi-sensory piece for bass clarinet and objects. Carl Faia has developed the electronics, Gareth Davis plays the bass clarinet, and the fpm is by Sophie Dixon. The work was created in residency at the Suttie Arts Space, Aberdeen Infirmary at the invitation of Sound Festival Scotland and TechFest in September 2016.

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