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31 March 2020 Comments Off on Colin Riley ‘Re-Place’ New Project Views: 632 CE News

Colin Riley ‘Re-Place’ New Project

Colin Riley is assembling a project called ‘Re-Place’, a set of re-mixes of the songs from his project in 2018/19 ‘In Place’ as he sets out below.

Due to social distancing and self-isolation, our sense of place has taken a hit in recent weeks. But living in isolation has also started to make people think differently, not just about the fragilities of our world but also about our need to be connected to it, and to each other. Normality may be something we don’t return to, or even wish to return to, and there is a growing sense that so many things might re-align in the future. 

With this in mind I have launched a project called Re-Place, a set of re-mixes of the songs from my 2018 project ‘In Place’ and a chance to form a community of online creativity during this strange period we all find ourselves in. Nothing too serious. The idea is very much that any of the shared elements of the original audio can get mashed up into a new alignment. No rules. No expectations. A straight-forward celebration of our connectedness. 

Also thrown into to the mix are the texts and recorded readings of the various writers on the original project Selina Nwulu, Jackie Morris, Autumn Richardson, Robert Macfarlane, Paul Farley, Dalgit Nagra, Richard Skelton and Nick Papadimitriou.

So … I’m hoping that sharing the audio-files of melodies, bass-lines, textures, and field recordings can provide a diversion and a bit of fun for a clutch of great composers. Everyone I’ve asked so far has said ‘yes’, so it should be a fabulous mixture of styles and approaches. Many are talented emerging composers and sound artists as well as several people who are connected to the project already. Lola de la Mata, Ellie Wilson, Ruth Goller, Laura Reid, Eleanor Cully, Chloe Knibbs, Megan Steinberg, Pete Stollery, Jeevan Rai, Phil Maguire, Spenser Buckley, Reuben Kyriakides, Matt Collins, Wil Pritchard (aka Jaffro), Dee Egan and Sara Belle

I’ll be sharing these new great re-mixes as they are made. There are already two up on the Re-Place souncloud by Reuben Kyriakides (who worked with me on some of the original field recordings and keyboard patches for the album) and brilliant sound artist Spenser Buckley (aka Of Ghost). Please ‘follow’ and you will not miss each new remix as it comes out. 

Colin Riley  

In case you are looking for a longer listening and more contextualisation to ‘Re-Place’, in 2018 Colin Riley also made 3 hour-long radio programmes for Resonance FM about the background to ‘In Place’. These mix together interviews with the writers, various songs across all genres, field recordings, and a few of the songs from the album.

In Place 1: It Does Nothing, Absolutely Nothing, But Be Itself
In Place 2: Grafted Landscapes
In Place 3: Solid Breakfasts and Gloomy Sundays, Smoky Towns and Winding Roads, Green Fields and Red Pillar-Boxes

In Place is proudly available through Composers Edition, as well as a range of other works by Colin Riley.

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