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Colin Riley – Hanging In The Balance

Colin Riley‘s ‘Hanging In The Balance’ for piano and resonating objects is just out on a new CD by pianist Kate Halsall.

‘Hanging In The Balance’ is a composition for two pianists and several bits of a drum kit. The drums resonate in sympathy with the music played by the pianists. In turn the sounds from the various drums are electronically treated via computer processing; Ableton Live in this instance. In addition to this, both pianists perform inside the piano as well as outside, and use is made of ‘preparations’ on the strings of the piano. The overall effect is of an additional rhythm section performing alongside the piano. The sonic qualities of the various layers of sounds are deliberately entangled.

The piece is the first of an ongoing collection of works for solo instruments as part of Colin’s ‘Made 2 Resonate‘ project – Colin is currently composing a solo bass clarinet piece for Gareth Davis to be premiered at Sound Festival in Aberdeen in September. This will be multi-sensory piece/installation built out of research into how those with partial and profound deafness perceive music.

Watch a short film describing the creative process behind it:


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