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26 April 2022 Comments Off on Christopher Fox New Album ‘Hieroglyph’ on Hat Hut Views: 270 CE News

Christopher Fox New Album ‘Hieroglyph’ on Hat Hut

Christopher Fox’s new album – Hieroglyph – has been released on the Hat Hut label!

Christopher Fox
Christopher Fox

Hieroglyphs features first recordings of five recent works: both versions of This is the wind, the violin solo Planes and folds, the cello solo Hieroglyph and the duo Paralogos. The recordings were made last September in Tel Aviv and feature the violinist Yael Barlosky and cellist Dan Weinstein, musicians with whom Christopher Fox has been collaborating since 2017.

For Christopher Fox, listening to unfamiliar music is like decoding a hieroglyph and the music he has created for this album follows this journey to understanding. In Hieroglyph a single plucked note on the cello gathers resonance and as the music evolves it becomes, phrase by phrase, section by section, less exploratory, more solid. The two works entitled This is the wind evoke lines from James Fenton’s poem ‘Wind’: ‘great crowds are fleeing… down through the beautiful catastrophe of wind’. Each movement imagines a different sort of wind, a different sort of catastrophe. Planes and folds is about the tectonic processes through which the earth itself was formed. In between these longer works are three Paralogos, commentaries on the music around them: translations or more hieroglyphs?

Christopher Fox – Hieroglyphs
Hat Hut Records Ltd
ezz-thetics 1030
Yael Barolsky (violin)
Dan Weinstein (cello)*
Ido Akov (piano)
Jonathan Chazan (tenor saxophone)*
Dennis Sobolev (electric guitar)*
*(Ensemble SEV)

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