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30 June 2020 Comments Off on Christopher Fox Joins Composers Edition Views: 590 CE News

Christopher Fox Joins Composers Edition

It is with great pleasure that we welcome the highly regarded English composer Christopher Fox to the Composers Edition family. His music is frequently (and quite reasonably) described as uncategorisable, perhaps because the creation of each work seems to stem from a singular curiosity. This may be a certain particular of a musical instrument, a line from a poem or song, a specific historical musical device or natural harmonic phenomenon. As a result, each work inhabits a world of its own making. What unites them is a clarity and naturalness which many performers have found themselves drawn to again and again. It is an unfolding music with an economically stated and persistent demand to listen. On joining Composers Edition Christopher Fox tells us;

I’ve been watching the growing success of Composers Edition with interest and it’s exciting to become part of such a dynamic enterprise. Composing can seem like a very individual activity but we are strongest when we act collectively and that’s exactly what Composers Edition is doing.

This first group of scores represents some of my recent activity: the piano piece The calm of mountains is on John Snijders new CD and the vibraphone solo An extraordinary mildness is my newest piece, premiered in May by Claire Edwardes in an on-line concert from her studio in Australia.

The initial selection also includes works for string quartet, accompanied voice, choir, chamber ensemble and orchestra. We look forward to bringing you many more of his 170+ works composed for all manner of musical forces and musicians, both professional and amateur.

1-2-3 for String Quartet
An extraordinary mildness
for vibraphone
From the water
for choir (SATB)
for 3-9 musicians
She dreams, she dances
for soprano and piano
The Calm of Mountains
for piano
for five (or multiples of five) sustaining instruments
senza misura
for solo piano
The Missouri Harmony
for organ
for orchestra with/without 1, 2 or 3 improvising soloists

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