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26 November 2021 Comments Off on Christopher Fox & Heather Roche in Soundmaking Podcast Views: 239 CE News

Christopher Fox & Heather Roche in Soundmaking Podcast

Christopher features in a new Soundmaking podcast in which he and Heather Roche talk about the making of their Headlong CD and, in particular, about recording the title track.

Christopher Fox and Heather Roche’s album Headlong, released in 2018 by Divine Art, contains all but one of Christopher Fox’s works for solo clarinet all performed by Heather Roche.

Fox responds to a number of intriguing stimuli from art to mathematical equations [and] explores every aspect of the instrument’s capabilities in terms of pitch, rhythm, and timbre, consistently stretching limits in the pursuit of engaging musical soundscapes. Heather Roche responds to the challenge admirably with tour de force commitment and skill, giving all of these works performances for which any composer would be grateful. The standard of musicianship is exemplary. The disc is a valuable and welcome addition to the Fox discography.

Andrew King

Christopher will also return to the studio with EXAUDI to finish recording a new album of his music for vocal ensemble. The first sessions were in the summer of 2019 when EXAUDI recorded Trostlieder in Widerwertigkeit des Kriegs and A Spousal Verse but then the pandemic intervened.

The new sessions will complete the album, with Preluding and Canti del Carcere.

Trostlieder in Widerwertigkeit des Kriegs, A Spousal Verse, Preluding, Canti del Carcere, and two pieces from the Headlong CD – Headlong and Unlocking the Grid are proudly available for perusal and purchase through Composers Edition website.

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