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Mariani Klavierquartett

31 January 2020 Comments Off on Charlotte Bray Piano Quartet in Hamburg Views: 778 CE News

Charlotte Bray Piano Quartet in Hamburg

Charlote Bray, photo: David Beecroft
Charlote Bray, photo: David Beecroft

Charlotte Bray’s quartet Zustände will be performed on Friday 14 February in the Kleiner Saal, Elbphilharmonie Hamburg by the Mariani Klavierquartett. Fantastic to have Charlotte Bray’s music performed there for the first time!

Zustände was commissioned by The Schubert Ensemble in partnership with the Wiltshire Music Centre and premiered at the Wiltshire Music Centre on 18 March 2017. The commission was supported by the Schubert Ensemble Trust, the Wiltshire Music Centre, PRS for Music Foundation and the Steel Charitable Trust.

Zustände, meaning “states”, refers to the various forms of ice that inspired the piece. Whether a lone iceberg, large chunks breaking off from the fragile edge of a glacier, or the crackle of an ice field melting in the sun, the imaginary realisation of the sounds generated by the moving ice drive the conceptualisation of the piece. Its structure arises from the use of three photographs taken during a recent visit to Greenland; a single image forming the motivation behind each movement.

Zustände is proudly available through Composers Edition website, as well as other works by Charlotte Bray.

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