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19 May 2022 Comments Off on Catherine Kontz ‘Voix de Terres Rouges’ Grand Première by Orchestre national de Metz Views: 81 CE News

Catherine Kontz ‘Voix de Terres Rouges’ Grand Première by Orchestre national de Metz

Catherine Kontz’ new 53-minute piece Voix de Terres Rouges for orchestra and choir will be premiered this month with 3 concerts taking place on the weekend 17, 18 and 19 June in Villerupt (France), Metz (France) and Soleuvre (Luxembourg).

For this new large-scale piece, Catherine was inspired by the geology of the old mining basin in the South of Luxembourg and the French Lorraine, as well as its history. The structure of the piece and the orchestration are moulded on the composition of the soil with its different siliceous, calcareous and sandy layers that vary from green to red, passing through grey, yellow, brown, even black! As these layers multiply, the harmonies change, settle, transform. The choir, protagonist here, takes us back in time with its storytelling, highlighting key historic moments en route. Anchored in music, the writings of Carla Lucarelli and Gilles Ortlieb (two authors who have an affinity for the region) give voice to the inhabitants of these red lands, past and present.

Catherine Rousseau par Roger Gerson

Catherine gives us more beautiful details about the background of Voix de Terres Rouges:

Early on in the process of writing this piece, while researching the history of the old industrial area of Esch in Luxembourg, I stumbled by chance upon a portrait of my great- great- grandmother, Catherine Rousseau, who was the oldest living person in 1956 in that town and she was interviewed in this book which celebrated Esch/Alzette’s 50th anniversary. Carla Lucarelli, one of the authors I have worked with for the texts I use, has weaved this great great grand-mother of mine into the fabric of the text, like a character in a book, popping up here and there at key moments in the history of the town. It has been very inspiring to somehow “meet” and get to know Catherine Rousseau, through composing this piece. A very interesting and personal process and experience.

Catherine Kontz

The texts for Voix de Terres Rouge are written Carla Lucarelli and Gilles Ortlieb (in French) and Catherine Kontz/Armand d’Angour (for the Prologue in Latin). It is a commission by Orchestre National de Metz, INECC Mission Voix Lorraine and INECC Luxembourg and has been created as part of Esch2022 – European Capital of Culture.

Performance Details

Friday 17 June: Arche, Villerupt (Tickets here)

Saturday 18 June: Arsenal Metz (Tickets here)

Sunday 19 June: Artikuss/Soleuvre/Luxembourg (Tickets here )

We at Composers Edition look forward to the première of this major work, and look forward to publishing it in due course.

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